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Bootcamp Curriculum

Free Prep-programme

2 months on-demand prep programme designed to give you a solid foundation on the basic concepts of Data Science.

Data Engineering with SQL

Create a database from scratch, design the needed tables and create the supporting functions to automate the manipulation with your data.

Coding in Python

Understand back-end functionalities with Python. Get acquainted with the working environment, libraries, and methods of data manipulation and image processing practices.

Maths & Stats for applied ML

Delve deep into multivariate calculus, linear algebra, probability, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, statistical estimation, and regression - in conjunction with Python libraries.

Machine Learning Engineering

From supervised and unsupervised learning, data pre-processing, hyperparameter optimization and all in between, to Deep Learning, Computer vision and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Continuous learning

After graduation you get access to on-demand resources about the latest trends in the field, free webinars, book recommendations, tools and more.

Completed student projects

Why develop a career in Data Science?

A recently published IBM’s study found that the world needs another 28% Data scientists worldwide by 2020 to meet increased demand. If we add data from various job-listings to this and annual salary of 130.000$, we can see why Data Scientist is considered the“hottest profession” in 2020.

Through this intensive 8 month, remote bootcamp, and by learning through work on practical examples and real-life projects, you will acquire a skillset that’s in a high demand, not only in the IT sector, but also in finance, business, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, urban planning, transports and logistics.

At the Remote Live Data Science Bootcamp in Vienna, you will conquer the key domains in this field like:

  • Data Engineering in SQL
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Engineering in Python
  • Maths & Stats for Applied Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning and predictive models

You will be able to contribute to businesses that possess large datasets through data analysis & transformation, predictive analytics and ML algorithms. Besides the business sector, you could also take part in Data Science research for established projects.

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Data Science Bootcamp Graduates

Ivan Vukelik

Ivan Vukelik

Business Analyst

Angela Vasovska

Angela Vasovska

Financial Advisor

Petar Jolakoski

Petar Jolakoski

Economics Student

Gabriela Bonkova

Gabriela Bonkova

Financial Analyst and Planner

*no bullshit approach

We are putting a lot of effort and resources in this Bootcamp, so naturally we will expect this from your side as well. Our mission is to deliver a highest level of education in Data Science so that requires a process of selection through which we choose the candidates that are best fit for this intensive program. Therefore, each student is expected to show a great level of dedication and consistency throughout the next 8 months. It won’t be easy, but without a doubt, the effort will be worth it

Upcoming Bootcamps

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December 2020 - September 2021


January 2021– October 2021

*Prepwork available now


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Expert Opinions

Martina Risteska

Data Scientist at Siemens

Martina Risteska

Andrej Naumovski

Software Engineer at Namaste Technologies

Andrej Naumovski

Aleksandar Boshevski

Data Architect at Hasselt

Aleksandar Boshevski

Who is this Bootcamp For?

  • Students who possess strong logic and analytical skills or individuals with knowledge of maths & statistics
  • Software engineers with strong inclination for Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Marketing analysts who want to level-up their skills or analysts from sectors where data analysis is key
  • Entrepreneurs, managers or business owners who want to have full control over the business analytics for data-driven decision making
  • Economists and bankers skilled in data analysis

*We accept international students as well, since this is an Online Bootcamp.

This is a part-time course with classes after working hours.

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Pricing conditions are discussed on the admission interview scheduled upon submitting an application.

Payment planDescriptionPrice
Early BirdAvailable till 31st December 2020€3600
Pay upfront10% discount when you pay upfront€4000
Pay as you go15 monthly installments€4500
Flexible Payment50% Pay Upfront
50% Once you land a job
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