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What we do

Since starting the company in 2015, we have been tweaking curriculums and perfecting the process of learning new digital skills. We are collaborating with top-notch curriculum developers and monitoring all stages of the learning process. We made a significant contribution towards future-proofing communities and became ready for the challenges of the new and digitalized world.

Our mission is simple but bold. We aspire to educate 1,000,000 Future Tech Leaders in the next 10 years.

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What we teach

We're helping people to future-proof their careers through the most complete UX/UI Design and Data Science Bootcamps in Vienna.

Data Science

The Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster is created for sharp and gritty people. People that are ready to onboard a super-intensive and hands-on program. From Data Engineer hy to Python, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization, this program is designed to help participants build a job-ready portfolio of projects. Learn more about the Bootcamp here.

UX/UI Design

The UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster is an immersive experience. We're looking for curious folks who are seeking ways to advance their career and become proficient in one of the most in-demand skills of today. From meeting the client, through research and prototyping, to creating the final product design, this Bootcamp prepares participants to dive headfirst into the job market. Learn more about the Bootcamp here.

Find out how you can learn in-demand skills and build an outstanding career with Brainster Vienna.

The Brainster Community

Pals for life. Learning with Brainster goes beyond the virtual classroom. Our 9000+ Alumni have lifetime access to our community: hiring and business opportunities, events, webinars, online learning resources, latest tools, and best practices from our experts. Most importantly they're integrated into a network of people that care out for each other and stay connected We will continue to invest in knowledge, talents, careers, instructors, programs, hubs, events, and whatever necessary to support the talent economy. Tech needs more fresh talent NOW more than ever. The future world is data-driven, automated, and user-centred.

the Brainster

We are a tight knit team, nurturing a maker mentality to build the future of work We're not gonna try and Rex with pyg Labels and beer fridges We offer a thriving environment where people actually grow and build.


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Brainster Space is a tech centre, co-working space, and a continuously growing community. This Tech hotspot is built on a mission to build and nurture connections between creative industries and tech companies. With this tech space, Brainster wants to support careers, continuous learning, creative ideas, the building of organizations, and future-proof businesses.

Reasons to be proud

We are so proud of our students for their hard work on real-projects and extremely impressed by their amazing achievements. Our students assume ownership for connecting their learning with future goals. Our goal is to create the ultimate Data Science and UX/UI design Communities, which put us on the map of the most valuable areas today.

10 reasons to learn UX/UI Design or Data Science with Brainster Vienna
Gorjan Jovanovski for the Vienna UX Design Community
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